The Sleepout Event

At Hand on Heart (HoH), our mission is to alleviate the hardship of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups including rough sleepers. One of the sad truths for rough sleepers is that they have to spend the majority of their days and nights on the streets. For those who have a roof over their head, it is impossible to know exactly what a homeless person endures; from extreme temperatures during the hot summers and cold winters, loneliness, lack of privacy and daily exposure to anxiety, depression and physical/mental abuse.

The Sleepout Event is not to mirror homelessnesses. It is a means to allow our supporters to have a glimpse of a day in the life of a rough sleeper.

On 8th October 2022 we are organising an event for you to take part in a group sleepout. This will allow the opportunity for reflection, discussion and a pinch of the difficulty that is experienced when sleeping outside. We understand that it is a very difficult task to sleep out on the streets, even for one night. Therefore, we have made it possible for participants to take part in this event in three different settings:

1. Streets of Central London;
2. Car park outside HoH HQ in Watford; or
3. In your own back garden.

  • There will be volunteers and first aiders present to ensure the event goes smoothly and safely in settings 1 and 2.
  • The timing of the event is from 5pm on Saturday 8th October to 12pm on Sunday 9th October.
  • A light meal will be provided for dinner at the HoH site
  • The use of sleeping bags will be allowed
  • The Minimum age to participate at the HoH site is 12 years. Participants aged 12 – 15 will be required to come with a parent/legal guardian and those aged 16 – 17 will require prior consent from a parent/legal guardian.
  • The minimum age for participation in Central London is 18 years.
  • There are no age restrictions to do this in your own home!

We urge all participants of the Sleepout Event to reach out to their friends and families to raise money and raise awareness of this event and the HoH charity. All proceeds will go towards the Winter Warmer Pack Campaign 2022. This campaign will provide packs with winter essential items for rough sleepers. Please click here for more information on the Winter campaign, including the donation page.

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