2021 Spring Homeless Campaign

With lockdown easing, Hand on Heart are embracing for an increase in number of homelessness on our streets as emergency accommodation comes to an end.

Often the forgotten community during the pandemic, Hand on Heart in partnership with Beta Charitable Trust, are providing much needed essential supplies to rough sleepers in London and surrounding areas.

Each pack will include the following items: Polo Shirt, T-Shirts, Socks, Underwear, Deodorants, Wet Wipes, Shower gel, Comb, Oral Hygiene kit, Hand Sanitisers, Face Masks, Bottled Water packed in a quality Drawstring bag.

In addition, 500 waterproof jackets will be distributed to our Outreach drives, together with sleeping bags and blankets on request.

To coincide with the month of Ramadhan, HoH will mark the occasion by providing an Eid card in each pack with a message of goodwill and hope.

When, where and with who?

Outreach Drives
  • Sat 15 May 2021, at Charing Cross
    Who is Hussain : 100 packs
  • Sun 16 May 2021, at Holborn
    Children of Adam : 100 packs
  • Thu 20 May 2021, at Tower Hamlet
    Our Forgotten Neighbours : 150 packs
  • Mon 24 May 2021, at Ealing
    Ealing Soup Kitchen : 100 packs
  • Wed 26 May 2021, at Shoredich
    The Little Things : 150 packs
  • Sun 30 May 2021, at Charing Cross
    Nishkam SWAT : 100 packs
  • Thu 3 Jun 2021, at Holborn
    – GIVE : 60 packs
Local Area Distribution

17-22 May 2021
Harrow (Harrow Food Bank), Islington (Peoples Army), Luton (Noah Enterprise), Milton Keynes (Winter Night Shelter), St Albans (Open Doors), Watford (Haven, New Hope)

What we need?

Donations: To provide 1000 packs with clean clothes, toiletries & PPE to homeless and in a safe manner.

£17 will go towards one pack. £50 could help 3 rough sleepers have access to clean clothes & hygiene items.

Project Summary

Hand on Heart Spring Campaign for the homeless will involve:

  • 1000 Spring Essential Packs for the Homeless
  • Each pack contains 14 essential items
  • Recruiting 40 Hand on Heart Families to assemble packs at home
  • Distributed at 6 Outreach Food Drive Charities
  • Supporting Local Area Food Bank Charities
  • Accompanied with Cupcakes, Natas and Eid Cards

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