2021 Winter Warmer Pack Campaign

This Winter, thousand of individuals and families in the UK will experience some form of homelessness. With the end of the eviction ban, cut in universal credit, the furlough scheme coming to an end, many people living with financial pressures will be edged into homelessness. They will face the harsh reality of sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing or desperately trying to find shelter in sheds and garages.

Each year at this time, Hand on Heart support hundreds of people facing homelessness with our flagship Winter Warmer Pack Campaign. 🍂❄️🍁

The project will serve winter essential items to rough sleepers as the cold dark months set in.

On this occasion, HoH will also support evacuees from Afghanistan who are settling in the UK.

About the Packs

In total, a record-breaking 1300 Winter Warmer Packs 🎒will be assembled and distributed to vulnerable groups in November.

The project will be supported by Hand on Hearts dedicated and trusted volunteers. In addition to Set up and Distribution teams, a staggering 65 families will be recruited (see Get Involved page) to help assemble the 1300 rucksacks.

In addition 500 sleeping bags and hundreds of blankets will be handed out at 8 Outreach Drives.

Each pack will be filled with essential winter items such as

  • hoodies
  • thermals (top and bottom)
  • thermal socks (3 pairs)
  • underwear (3 pairs)
  • hot water bottle (with cover)
  • winter gloves
  • woolly hats
  • deodorants
  • shower gel
  • wet wipes
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • hand sanatiser
  • face masks
  • bottled water

The guest will receive all the items in a quality rucksack plus sleeping bags and blankets (Outreach drives only).

When, Where and with Who?

Hand on Heart will be partnering with Beta Charitable Trust and working alongside 18 charities. The distribution will reach out as far as Birmingham, Northampton, Luton, Milton Keynes and Essex as well as London and local areas.

Outreach Drives

Local Drives

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