Winter Warmer Pack Campaign November 2023

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2023 Winter Warmer Campaign

As winter draws near, accompanied by the chilling temperatures and gloomy days, the impact of inflation and interest rates is exerting a detrimental influence on the ongoing crisis of the soaring cost of living. These economic trials persistently affect numerous individuals throughout the UK, prompting many people and families to seek support from outreach drives and food banks as they struggle to meet their basic needs. The escalating expenses associated with rent, mortgages, and the rising cost of living are just a few of the contributing factors leading to homelessness, compelling individuals to confront the harsh reality of sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing, or desperately seeking refuge in cars, sheds and garages.

During this season, Hand on Heart, in partnership with the Beta Charitable Trust, conscientiously extends support to thousands of individuals facing homelessness through our Winter Warmer Pack Campaigns.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide essential winter items not only to those enduring rough sleeping during these frigid and dark months, but also to vulnerable individuals and groups, unfortunately including families teetering on the brink of poverty.

Project Summary

Hand on Heart Winter Warmer Campaign for the homeless and vulnerable groups will involve:

– 2000 Winter Warmer Essential Packs for vulnerable groups

– Each pack contains 14 essential items

– Hot Water Bottles with fleece covers, blankets and sleeping bags (on request at Outreach Drives)

– Assembled by community members including

  • Families
  • Schools
  • Scouts groups
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Corporate Companies (Team Building)

– Distributing at 16 Outreach Drives and 16 Local Areas

– Serving in over 30 locations in the UK

– Working alongside over 28 Charities and organisations

About the Packs

In total, Hand on Heart (HoH) will assemble and distribute 2000 Winter Warmer Packs to vulnerable groups in November.

To ensure the successful execution of this project, HoH will be aided by dedicated and reliable volunteers. Apart from the Set-up and Distribution teams, HoH will enlist the participation of families, schools, scout clubs, and care homes to assist in assembling the 2000 high-quality rucksacks (refer to the Get Involved page).

Each pack will be carefully filled with essential winter items, which include:

– Hoodies

– T-shirts

– Thermals (top and bottom)

– Thermal socks (3 pairs)

– Underwear (3 pairs)

– Winter gloves

– Woolly hats

– Deodorants

– Shower Gel

– Wet wipes

– First Aid Plasters

– Toothbrush/toothpaste 

We will ensure that our guests receive these items in high-quality rucksack. 

Furthermore, we will distribute sleeping bags, hundreds of hot water bottles with fleece covers, blankets, and bottled water during Outreach Drives. 

What we need?

Donations: To provide 2000 packs with clean clothes and toiletries to the homeless and in a safe manner.

£30 will go towards one pack. £60 could help 2 rough sleepers, asylum seekers and refugees to have access to clean clothes & hygiene items.

When, Where and with Who?

Outreach Drives

Wed 1 Nov, at Shoreditch
The Little Things

Fri 3 Nov, at Kings Cross
Nishkam SWAT

Sat 4 Nov, at Brighton
Sussex Homeless

Sun 5 Nov, at Acton & Ealing
Who is Hussain

Mon 6 Nov, at Birmingham
Who is Hussain

Wed 8 Nov, at Charing Cross
Nishkam SWAT

Fri 10 Nov, at Camden
Nishkam SWAT

Sat 11 Nov, at Leeds 
Love in a Box

Sun 12 Nov, at Manchester
Myriad Foundation

Mon 13 Nov, at Ealing
Ealing Soup Kitchen

Sun 19 Nov, at Holborn
Children of Adam

Tue 21 Nov, at Slough
Nishkam SWAT & Slough Outreach

Sat 25 Nov, at Leicester
Midland Langar Seva Society

Sun 26 Nov, at Hounslow
Open Kitchen

Thurs 30 Nov, at Oxford Street

Sat 16 Dec, at Luton
Liberty House

Local Area Distribution

1-30 November 

Acton (Acton Homeless Concern), Cambridge (Winter Comfort), Euston (St Mungos), Harrow (Harrow Food Bank), Hemel Hempstead (Dens), Luton (Noah Enterprise), Maidenhead/Windsor (Windsor Homeless Project), Manchester (Coffee4Craig), Milton Keynes (Winter Night Shelter), Northampton (Hope Centre), Southend (HARP), St Albans (Open Doors), Stevenage (Haven First), Watford (Haven, New Hope), Wembley (Harvest Soup Kitchen)