Christmas Gift Pack Volunteer Form

Hand on Heart in partnership with Beta Charitable Trust are launching a Christmas gift pack project which aims to bring a small smile to the faces of these lovely children in amongst all the difficulties. We fully appreciate that the gift packs will not solve their health issues but hope that it can distract them for a short while and let’s them know that they are in our prayers.

This will involve you going and sourcing the suggested items and placing them into a gift bag. We recommend spending £5 per gift bag.

Suggested items –

  • Gift bag- 2 packs £1 (50p each)
  • Stickers 2 packs £1 (50p each)
  • Colouring book £1
  • Colour pencils £1
  • Fidget pop £1

All the items you include must be new and follow these guidelines that have been given to us by the hospital –

Toys – must be ones that can be wiped clean and disinfected. 

You may include candy canes or plain chocolate coins.

Note – please DO NOT include any items that may contain nuts due to allergies.

  • The completed packs will need to be delivered back to Watford HQ on Sunday 12 December between 11am to 2pm.
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